Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of TaleSpire?

A: $24.99 USD

Q: Where do I submit bug reports and feature/asset requests?

Q: Can we use any RPG rules?

A: The core game is rule-set agnostic, so if it's on a square grid and uses dice from the standard 7-set of RPG dice it's probably fine.

Q: Is there going to be rule system integration?

A: Yes! Not in time for the Early Access but we have been designing a fairly game independent system of processing rules so that's something we want to attack HARD after the Early Access. When it is done it will be moddable so you can encode your role playing system's rules into it - and if you don't care for any of this it will of course be an optional feature you can simply not enable to remain rule agnostic.

Q: Any plans for character sheets?

A: TaleSpire will definitely have something to handle that kind of information, but we haven't decided on what kind of presentation it will have yet or precisely what it will cover. Our focus will be on making it feel right, even if that means straying from the typical presentation.
There are many different approaches to character info UI out there in both digital and board games alike. We'll just have to find something that works for us :)

Until we get to an official built-in approach, you can use “Symbiotes” to easily mod in character sheets yourself - you can see what Symbiotes are available here (or make your own).

Q: Will there be Fog of War?

A: Yes, Fog of War is something we definitely want to add - in fact, there is already an experimental version of it in-game. Unfortunately, from testing we learned that implementation would not be sufficient, and so we have returned to the drawing board. In short, fully 3D, persistent, FoW is very tricky to implement.
Until we get to it you can hide your map from players manually with hide volumes, while minis are already being hidden based on line of sight with player minis.

Q: I've pre-ordered the game on BackerKit, but I haven't received an email yet. Is that normal?

A: Please send an email to

Q: I saw the character creator stretch goal and wanted to know more about how it will work and what will be possible

A: This has not yet been decided as it will need to go through the design and prototyping phase. One of our team has a bunch of experience making these kinds of tools and is very keen to get cracking on this, hopefully finding a nice balance between flexibility and ease of use. We'll keep you posted in dev updates as it happens.
What we can say already is that we'd like to allow customization and set-up of characters outside of a campaign and you can then use that pre-setup character in the campaigns of your choosing. The character creator will also be usable without any 3D modelling experience.

Q: Can we share things we made in the game, like houses and stuff?

A: YES. In October 2023 we've added in-game slab uploading and browsing through so you can find community-made things without ever leaving Talespire. There are also the community made sharing sites and
Alternatively you can simply select and copy some tiles and then you can paste it into discord or other text sharing/messaging service. Other people can then copy the text and paste it into the game and they get the same slab!

Q: How big are tiles in units/feet/meters?

A: A single tile is 1 x 1 x 0.25 grid units in-game - or a multiple of that like 2 x 2 x 0.25. People are often interested in what that means in feet or meters, but we don't have an exact answer, as it's not how we think about the assets when making them. We design the tiles and creatures in a way that would make sense for tabletop, and we leave the exact units up to the player. You can easily define your own grid scale in the campaign settings!

Q: Will there be modding?

A: Absolutely! We released "TaleWeaverLite", a slimmed down version of TaleWeaver, our internal tool for adding assets to the game. With it you're able to easily add Unity compatible 3D models as minis and export them in a format TaleSpire can work with. For more info, see our announcement post and guide!
In the future we want to expand the public release of TaleWeaver to be not-so-Lite anymore and include importing of tiles, props, music, ambient sounds, dice and more to package them up neatly for TaleSpire. Assets will also be able to have scripts attached to them to give them behavior using a custom visual scripting system called Spaghet.

As we don't want to lock mods into one ecosystem we won’t use the Steam Workshop, but instead opted for an in-game integration with - however, we're also interested in allowing community hosted third party mod repositories to integrate with the game directly so you're not forced to use either.

On top of that, we also have Symbiotes, which are mods that can be opened and interacted with in a sidebar and can take advantage of an API for interacting directly with the game - this allows many things including character sheets, DM screens and loading online websites. As of right now we only have web-view based Symbiotes, but we want to provide more options in the future.

Q: Will there be support for darkvision (and hiding things based on abilities)?

A: Certainly not for now. Different rules systems have rather different requirements here. Maybe we can look at this more once the rule system is in.

Q: Do you have any plans for a match-making service?

A: Not at this time, at least not integrated into the game itself. There is however a looking for group forum on our Discord

Q: Is there in-game video/audio chat?

A: No. We definitely want in-game audio chat in the future, and video may be possible too. However, we aren't confirming that feature today. We'll keep you posted if/when that changes.

Q: Is there support for hidden doors, as in tiles that look normal but which open likes doors do? Can I break walls into rubble?

A: No. making variants of all tiles for this would be an extreme amount of work - rather than adding extra variations and features to support that we want to just keep making building part of play: It’s quick to swap out wall tiles with a door or rubble using the build mode However, once tile modding is available this is definitely something people could do if they wanted.

Q: Is there a list somewhere of all the Tiles, Props and Minis that are currently in the game?

A: No, we should probably do that. There is an unofficial list on the two community sites though: talesbazaar, talestavern

Q: What are Seats, how do they work?

A: Seats are a one-time purchase that move with their owner through campaigns and allow anyone with the freely downloadable Guest Edition to join anytime, even while the seat owner is offline. Guests are able to do anything a user with a full copy can do including (but not limited to) being a GM (if given the permission), download mods and build.
The only exceptions to that are that guests cannot create new campaigns themselves and they cannot buy seats.
Seats can be bought in-game in the "Seats" section in the settings menu.
For more information see our announcement and release posts, as well as our player and guest guides to seats.

Q: Is there a player only version?

A: No

Q: Why is there no player only version?

A: We instead opted for a way that gives GMs the option to buy 'seats' they can issue to guests to join in.
Making a version without building tools is not something we plan on doing as this closes off too many interesting options for play and limits the possibility of players dabbling with being creators themselves.

Q: Will I be able to get the game in more places than Steam?

A: We hope that for v1, the release (post Early-Access) we can do this. We don't want to force people into certain systems just to tell stories. We don't have any concrete news for you but we have been designing all the systems with the idea that the game won't be tied to a store.

Q: How will language support work with mods?

A: It's not finalized, but we'd like a system like subtitles files so the community can provide alternate translations to mods separate of the mod itself. We'll keep you posted as this develops.

Q: Will you expand the ruler selection?

A: Yes! We currently have point-to-point and AOE (circular and cone) rulers. We will look into how to expand these in the future.

Q: How about spell/breath weapon templates

A: Clearly, something in this realm would be useful. We expect this would fall under the rule system stretch goal, but until that has gone through some R&D, it's impossible to say to what extent we will support this.

Q: Will it be possible to make our own spell effects?

A: We are definitely going to look into how we could expose spells (and other emotes) to being moddable.

Q: Will we be able to customize our heroes?

A: Our goals is that, outside of a campaign, you will be able to tint, name and otherwise set up your hero

Q: Are all rolls visible to all players?

A: They don't have to be. At any point GMs can perform a GM only roll and the faces of these dice are only visible to GMs. We will also have a way for GMs to give GM dice to players so they can make rolls only the two of them can see.

Q: Can we import models from HeroForge?

A: Yes! You can find out how bring your creations into TaleSpire here:

Q: What operating systems do you support?

A: We officially support Windows and macOS (Apple Silicon only) and are working on supporting Linux through Proton.
As for the last one: TaleSpire is working well under Proton (versions 7 and up), but we aren't quite ready to fully support the platform yet. Some of us are primary Linux users themselves, so we feel your pain here.

Q: Is there a roadmap we can see?

A: There is this (Roadmap Link) with the high level overview. We aren't going to be sharing Gantt charts or all that jazz but we are providing regular dev-logs and updates so you can keep abreast of what is happening.

Q: Will there be blank/cardboard tokens?

A: No. You can add them via modding but we aren't adding them as they murder the feel of the whole game and make us sad.

Q: What is the maximum map size you can create?

A: As of right now (2023-10-22) boards are limited to 2000x2000 grid units horizontally, 1000 grid units tall and a total of 1 Million tiles and props. However we think we can achieve 30x30x10k for the Early Access and we want to go even bigger than this later on. If that's not good enough, you can have up to 450 boards per campaign to spread your sprawling world.

Q: Will there be a way for the GM to modify dice rolls to auto-fail or auto-pass? As if you were rolling behind a screen and wanted to fail or pass a roll for narrative reasons, etc.?

A: We never auto apply that kind of stuff for you. This means the GM always has the final say - just roll a hidden GM roll and handle it like on a real table. Just try to hide the shock in your eyes when the big bad evil guy crits the mage.

Q: Can multiple people build on the same board at the same time?

A: Yes! Every player can be promoted to Game Master and build at the same time. With 16 players that can be online in the same campaign at once you’ll build a mansion in no time!

Q: How do I point things out to players?

A: The GM flashlight can be used. Players can use rulers for now, but we will be adding dedicated Ping/Pointing tools later on as well.

Q: As a GM will I be able to able to see where other GMs are building?

A: Yes, but later in development.

Q: I know this is pretty far in the future, but what is your perspective on VR/AR in TaleSpire? The Tilt Five looks really cool!

A: It would be amazing right? An AR system that really leaned into the in room experience would be the best. VR would probably be a "maybe one day" kind of thing - we certainly aren't against the idea though.
For now though, both will have to wait while we get the actual game finished.

Q: It's been said that TaleSpire is system agnostic. Will there be various dice designs to support this? For example, Green Ronin's AGE system uses different colored D6

A: As of right now we only have the standard 7-set of RPG dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, percentile), but we want the dice to be customizable for the campaign to allow these kinds of systems.

Q: What about unusual dice D3, D100, etc?

A: I'm pretty sure that whichever dice aren't available out the box will be modded in pretty quickly once we finish the tools for that.

Q: How many people are in the team?

A: Look at our snazzy team page for that!

Q: Are the minis animated?

A: There are emotes that animate the mini as a whole but not per limb stuff. We found that this keeps the feel we are going for and makes it WAY easier for modders (and us!) to bring in content that feels like it fits.

Q: How long has this been in the works?

A: Since 2016.

Q: How will Bouncyrock fund the development after using the Kickstarter money?

A: The goal is that sales of the game as well as additional content packs (after Full Release) will support the company going forward. There is no subscription needed for playing the base game or any extra cost for server access and we plan on keeping it that way.

Q: How will paid Asset Packs work?

A: Firstly, all asset packs released during the Early Access period will be free additions for everyone to flesh out the core game, the following are our plans for after full release. If the GM buys a pack, everyone who joins their campaign will be able to see and use those. Naturally, people who don't own it won't have it available when building in their own campaigns though. It's kinda like everyone bringing their box of minis to the table and building together.
For payment, we plan on giving both single pay options as well as a subscription for accessing the asset packs so people can choose what they prefer.

We don’t have any concrete plans on pricing yet, however the whole game is $25 on Steam which we hope suggests we are not interested in ransacking your wallets.

Q: How many items will be in the base game?

A: We haven't picked a number we are limiting ourselves to. During the early access we will release many content packs (for free) to flesh out the core game and after that we will be selling packs too (not to mention the modding community).

Q: Have you guys considered partnering with other companies, such as <awesome companies here>?

A: Absolutely, we are always open to talking to interested companies. The role-playing game space is so cool and there is so much room for more cool tools and services. Of course our first and foremost responsibility is the backers.

Q: Have you considered other themes? Wild West, WH40K, <awesome existing game IPs here>

A: We definitely want to provide packs to expand beyond the Fantasy and SciFi/Cyberpunk we have currently. We'll have to see what makes sense and how to approach this as the Cyberpunk expansion turned out to be a lot of work and we want to do an equally good job for other settings as well.

Naturally, we can't use any IP that is owned by someone else unless they to give us their permission, so don't expect WH40K right out the gate :p

Q: Are you planning on adding toggleable visual effects? (for example, purple glowing outline for when enemies are affected by faerie fire)

A: We are definitely looking to make the emote system be able to handle some kinds of status effects. This system will be expandable so I can't give a fixed list of what will be possible yet, but work on that is already being done.

Q: Will there be different weather effects? if so, will they be able to interact with objects? ex. snow falling on a tree model or on a character mini

A: Yes, this is part of the atmosphere system so you will have a small palette of weather effects you can enable and disable as you like.

Q: Will there be a way for the GM to see the range of the players view? Like highlight the edge of their vision.

A: Yes, we want to show fog of war, line of sight and the area the player is viewing. The hard bit here is not overloading the UI so it feels like a soupy mess.

Q: Is there a hex grid?

A: Not yet. It would be a big task so it's definitely a post release feature if we do it. I'm trying to design systems with this feature in mind though.

Q: Will there be support for multiple languages?

A: Yes. We'll be adding the code to handle this after Early Access. The team speak English and Norwegian so we will start there but will announce more language support as it arrives.

Q: Do stats persist when you move the minis between boards?

A: Yes. A GM can select an creature and make them *unique*. This means that their information is stored on the campaign rather than just in the board. This is ideal for when something happens to a throw-away monster which means they now become a recurring character. Additionally we want to add inventories to creatures which would also be stored equally.

Q: How can I make terrain?

A: Currently terrain is built by placing tiles and props, but we are working on a much better system to allow creation of bigger and better terrains much faster.

Q: Can I build underground?

A: Not yet, but the new terrain system will support this. For now when building tile-based terrain you will have to start to build it "higher" to have some space left below it.

Q: Will I be able to change a mini's base?

A: Yup, we will be developing this.

Q: Can I rotate tiles in any direction?

A: Tiles can be rotated by 90 degrees around the vertical axis. Props can be 15 degree increments.

Q: Why can't I just place anything anywhere?

A: We play tested it and it doesn't fit the feeling of what we are going for. There are other great systems that do allow this though, please check out Tabletop Simulator, they do great work!

Q: Will there be a slider to change size of objects like fire?

A: For now props and tiles can't be scaled but creatures have a few sizes they can be scaled to.

Q: Regarding the stretch goal, what does “customizable rule system” mean?

A: The stretch goal for the rule system is priced to give us R&D time too so I can't answer fully but I can give the angle we are taking as we approach this.

The golden rule is that we must not ever take control away from the GM. This means the heart of this stretch goal will be a system that, based on the situation on the board, presents all the relevant material from the rule 'codex'. The material presented should have easy ways to move from what is shown into an action.. so for example, if it's 'X does Y damage based on Z roll' then it should be trivial to summon the required dice and apply the damage to the target.

This makes it a sort of interactive database of the game being played which is filtering the codex based on the state of the game.

We will be shipping an example implementation of a TTRPG system both for us to prove the system but also as an example of how to use it. Obviously if you don't want to use any rule system and just use TaleSpire as a fancy digital table you can just not use them - the feature will be optional.

Naturally we this is early in the lifecycle of the feature. As we iterate on it we will post dev-logs so you could see how this grows.

Q: Can we 3d print models from the game?

A: I'm afraid not. Our models are optimized for games, so are much lower poly and instead have a ton of detail in the normal maps. HeroForge is probably your best bet though, they are awesome!

Q:  When will the full version be released?

A: We aren't setting a date for that, the game is publicly available in the Early Access and from there we keep working until we are satisfied enough with the base game that we slap the v1.0 sticker on it.

Q: Will there be a way to share handouts in game?

A: We'd like to have something like that. There are some interesting technical aspects and boring legal questions we will need to look into first.

Q: Is there a plan the highlight the squares to show maximum movement speed/distance of a character?

A: Kinda. We will have tools to show how far something could move horizontally but it gets really complicated and ruleset specific after that. It's probably best that, for now, we focus on making checking and viewing the move as fluent as possible.

Q: Can minis fly?

A: Yes! You can toggle flying in the mini's radial menu. Whether it is battles in outer space with microgravity or intense aerial dragon combat, we got you covered.

Q: Any Discord API integration?

A: We've spoken to Discord briefly. Would be cool to see what we could do there. Really want to, just haven't had time.

Q: Are there plans for single player gameplay? Maybe later in development?

A: Sounds very cool, but definitely not yet. Sounds like something that would be best served as a different product all together.

Q: How do you imagine using this for 'in person' sessions?

A: One way we really want to support well is having the GM on a laptop and the players in front of a TV (connected to some computer). This gives the GM a private view so the story isn't spoiled and the party still has a shared experience. Even in the alpha we've seen shots of this working well.
(this is also one reason we are looking seriously in how best to add gamepad support)

Q: This looks like too much work

A: GMs do indeed put in a lot of work to make the adventures. Regarding things specific to TaleSpire:
  • Building gets much faster when tapping into the huge selection of premade slabs (and entire boards!) made by the community to use in the game. Searching 'tavern' from the game will get you many prebuilt buildings so you would only need to focus on the details (if you wanted to)
  • Just like playing at a table there is nothing to mandate you have to make everything. Maybe you keep 90% in the theater of the mind and only break out TaleSpire for more geometrically complicated scenarios. Or maybe just for battles! We won't be forcing you.
  • Slabs are your friend!

Q: I saw interesting camera pans and things in the trailer. Can we make those in TaleSpire?

A: Not yet, but we are working on polishing the sequencer tool we made for creating cinematics and trailers in the game.

Q: I want to know the chances of this project being cancelled

A: I'll play the pessimist for the sake of openness.

Currently the risk for backers is that we mess up and the project goes away. This is because the best way for us to start the project was with centralized servers. In future we want to add peer to peer, which will decrease the risk as it would mean that our servers would not be required. Ideally, if we failed we would open source the code but, if we didn't follow through on that, there is still a minor risk that the project would bit rot and stop working.

That said, we clearly don't believe that is our future, the community is strong and we are ready to make something that lasts. We understand if it's too soon for some to back and we hope we can prove ourselves over time :)

Thanks for an excellent question

Q: What can we do with the client if we cannot access your servers, if anything? I have had to deal with this before where an online-only game was supported, then for whatever reason, their servers were no longer accessible, or development was postponed and/or canceled, and I was stuck with a worthless collection of bits and bytes.

A: As of today nothing, that's probably the biggest risk for the community until we get the peer2peer

Q: If Peer2Peer is developed, will the existing client support it and require an update, or will it require an entirely new client, and either way, will it involve an additional cost?

A: No extra cost planned for peer2peer. Would just be a (big) update as far as I can see.

Q: Will there be a fully top down view for use with eg: a digital battle map table or printing out on paper?

A: We have a top down camera in our photo mode, but that does not support actively playing in that camera seamlessly. Supporting that would be cool and is on our 'one day' wish-list but it isn't on the roadmap currently.
This is because it is non-trivial to pick a good tile cut-off point for the top-down view, as well as make the gameplay tooling work nicely when there are not explicit floors in the system. You may be doing so already but I would recommend checking out systems like DungeonFog and Arkenforge that do great work in the top-down map space.

Thanks for asking!

Q: Will card decks be supported?

A: It's not currently on the roadmap.

Q: Will there be tinting?

A: Yes! However, not for everything; Creatures and dice are planned for tinting - and creature bases can already be tinted in a number of colors.

Q: Will there be a first-person view?

A: No

Q: I see that, when a creature is placed, line of site works as if the creature can see in 360 degrees. Will you implement 180 degree vision so thing like a creature sneaking up on them would work better?

A: The problem with 180 from my perspective (heh) is that it requires players to keep precisely turning their creatures in order to reveal the map. From testing this hasn't felt good. One thing the GM can do is to explicitly hide the sneaking creature and only reveal it if they decide the player's creature has seen it. The advantage of this is that it allows the GM to handle things that TaleSpire doesn't know about, like special vision abilities of the player's creature.
We will see how it goes.

Q: Is 'free-form movement' possible in TaleSpire?

A: Yes! Originally we planned of keeping creature movement fixed to the grid but we have now relaxed this. Building is still fixed to the grid however.

Q: Is there a permissions system the GM can use to assign multiple creatures to a player? Along the same lines if a player was absent at a session would the GM be able to delegate that creature's controls to another player to control them?

A: Yes to both!

Q: How do you think TaleSpire impacts <Enter VTT here>?

A: We believe there is space in this market for a bunch of players with differing design philosophies. There are things we don't do that the others do and vice versa. Tabletop-simulator is a great example: brilliant execution of a different philosophy in a similar space.

Q: Is there an in-game tutorial?

A: Yes, it's in the left-hand flyout menu.

Q: Any chance of D&D Beyond integration? It would be super cool

A: It would! We are always open to working with 3rd parties, but this specific partnership seems less likely these days :(

Q: I've read some of the updates and saw 'line of sight' and 'fog of war' mentioned a bunch. What are they, in the context of TaleSpire?

A: Line of sight is the name we have for the feature that does the following: If you control a creature A, you will only be able to see other creatures that A can see. That is, creatures that are in A's line of sight.
Fog of war will allow GMs to make regions of fog that physically occludes the tiles. We will then perform checks, whenever you place a creature, to remove areas of fog that your creature can see.

Q: Would it be possible to make state transition. For example, turn a Goblin into a Wizard with some kind of effect?

A: Yes. We allow adding up to 10 minis to one as different forms they can "polymorph" into - with just one click you can switch out the model for all your chaotic neutral wizard and druid needs.

Q: Will there be provision for music cues when you swap between the different modes? Maybe battle music that can start when you enter combat mode, etc

A: The audio controls will be kept separate as it means we don't overload switching mode with too many meanings. Whilst the turn based mode is normally used for combat we are sure it'll be used differently by different folks.

Q: Will we be able to add our own music?

A: Long term, yes. We still need to work out the technical details as this would need to be synced to other players.

Q: How about displaying the hp as the blue circle under the character model? Would be a nice feature to quickly see your hp

A: Nice idea! We might do this when we revise the UI for the stats system.

Q: You have little animations for attacking, casting spells and such. Are there any plans for looping animations, such as the token wobbling around, laying on the floor, or floating?

A: Absolutely, we are reworking the emote system right now and those would be a great fit.

Q: Are dice trays or dice towers being considered?

A: We did do some testing and it didn't feel great in game. We could do more experimentation with it but its not in the road-map for the Early Access.

Q: What if two different players are in different areas of the map?

A: We have ways to jump quickly to players to see what is happening. If they are in different boards it's trickier unless you have multiple GMs.

Q: Would a short rest or long rest make the sun and moon atmosphere change at a faster rate?

A: Depends on the game being played and the rules the GM is deciding. For those reasons we are leaving that stuff in the GMs hands. Time is simple in some cases but fiendishly troublesome to automate in others. Better to be simple and robust than complicated and wrong.

Q: An in-game special effect/particle editor where you can combine few types, choose color, magnitude etc?

A: Nope, but during the Early Access we will release TaleWeaver which you can use to make predefined ones.

Q: Are there any build in dice macro systems?

A: Not yet but it seems like there are popular approaches out there so we will look into those. No promise for the Early Access but we have it on the wish-list.

Q: Custom Dice?

A: Yes, very yes.

Q: How can I use the same character in multiple campaigns?

A: You will be able to set up and tint your characters outside of any campaign. You can then put them in a campaign at which point that campaign has a fresh copy of that character and all the events that befall them don't effect the original. Kind of like a template if you prefer that.

Q: Walls are going to make it hard to control creatures, how are we meant to handle that?

A: We will be chopping away walls dynamically to make sure you can see and interact with your creatures. This wont interfere with line of sight calculations or fog of war

Q: Is there an inventory system?

A: For GMs there is a prototype of one. Not on creatures yet though but it is on the wish-list

Q: Will we be able to set a walk route for minis instead of dragging them over where they're "walking"?

A: It's something we like the sound of but it's not on the roadmap for the Early Access. Lots of cool things to prototype and experiment with for this though. Good question

Q: What are the minimum specs for TaleSpire?

A: See our Steam Store page for more info that!

Q: Any plans to add token labels, such as names?

A: toggle-able names are already in the alpha but the game will have a full GM layer which will allow more of the things you suggest.

Q: As nice as the dice rolling is, will there be a way to macro specific rolls that automatically add modifiers?

A: Not yet. It's something we want, but also is something we'll have to look into.

Q: Are you going to expose live gamedata via something like a websocket?

A: Not for the early access but that would be insanely cool. So, maybe. We really want to do cool integrations so that people could see the data on streams. Not sure how that will work yet, but it might tie into Symbiotes and/or the API we provide for them.

Q: I'm not a 3d modeler but really want to make a my own mini, how do I do this?

A: The 'creature crafting' stretch goal we reached will fund the development of this. We will have a system where you can snap together parts to make your own mini.

Q: What kinds of minis will I be able to make with the Creature Crafter

A: The first version will focus on humanoids but we would like to expand that in the future.

Q: I love the look of the Kickstarter dice; are there any plans to put them out in additional colors?

A: Yup, you will be able to tint dice and this will also apply to your Kickstarter dice.

Q: If i want to use the app at session, while we are in the same home I need only one copy right?

A: You could definitely have just one copy, but I wouldn't recommend only running it on one machine as then everyone will see the GM view and that could spoil parts of the story you have planned.

One setup that does work in person is 2 copies. 1 on the GMs machine, 1 on a normal TV for all the players. I've seen alpha players do this so that might be an option for you :)

Q: Will sky be visible?

A: If you were wondering about totally free camera control then nope, that's not in the plan. However a low angle in a high tower and you'd surely see some sky! I haven't got anything on the road-map for customizing the sky-box right now though, I will make a note to look into that. Thanks!

Q: What about pets ?

A: Well the game doesn't force a specific rule set, so as soon as we provide animals (and if your GM approves) I can't see why you couldn't have a pet :)

Q: Can we get a glimpse at in-built mini creator?

A: Yes and No. No, because it doesn't exist yet, yes because you can follow along the progress of us making it by following our dev logs.

Q: I'm curious if there will be text chat functionality for pure written narration/RP?

A: We have a chat system in-game.

Q: Can we build buildings with 2nd story overhang? It was an extremely common building practice in medieval European cities.

A: You certainly can. We don't force tiles to fall down, so if you place them on a certain build plane, they will stay there.

Q: Hello, Please let us toggle a switch which transitions a wall into rubble. I think that would be fairly useful for those darned adventurers and their potion of giants strength!

A: Rather than adding extra features we want to just keep making building part of play. Here is a little example of exactly this :)