For more guides on using TaleSpire, be sure to check out the in-game tutorials!

Player Focused Guides

Using Symbiotes

Symbiotes are our first supported way of modding, allowing you, the community, to make character sheets, fancy dice rollers, hand-out notes, and so much more!

Playing in Boards with Creature Mods

Now that we support creature modding, you need a way to make sure you have the content that's on the board!

Chat-Based Die Rolls

Want to use a bit of dice math but don't want to use Symbiotes or URLs? Type your rolls in chat!

Getting Started with Seats

A party heeds your call for adventure, but what's this? They haven't equipped TaleSpire! "Seats" are the way to spend less coin while bringing anyone into your adventure.

As an Owner of TaleSpire:

GM Focused Guides

Using the Slab Browser

Want to use all the amazing builds the community has put together? Here's our guide for using the in-game Slab Browser.

Publishing Slabs

Have a build that you want to share with the world? Look no further - here's how to publish to our page.

Using Community Made Creatures

Our modding page is also filled with community made creature minis. Here's how to use those in your own games.

Modding Focused Guides

Hero Forge Mini Import

Made an awesome miniature of your hero on Hero Forge? Read this guide on how to get it into TaleSpire.


Know enough HTML/CSS/JS to be dangerous? Want to make Symbiotes of your own? Take a look at the documentation!


Do you have a creature model you'd like to get ready for TaleSpire usage? Here's the guide for TaleWeaverLite!

Uploading Creature Mods to

Once you've got a creature model ready, you'll probably want a way to share it with the world. Just make sure you have the rights!

Adding Creature Mods Manually

Maybe you don't want to share with the world. Maybe you'd rather keep your minis to yourself and your friends. Then you'll need to install them manually.

TaleSpire URL Scheme

TaleSpire has some interactions that can be done via URLs - Rolling Dice, Creature Blueprints, and more. Check out the docs!

Community Created Guides

TalesTavern Guides

TalesTavern is a community ran website designed to share TaleSpire creations. They also have a handy guide page of their own!

High-Poly STL to TaleSpire

When creature modding started to become a thing, Ozel from our Discord server decided to put together a set of tutorial videos to help people get their high-poly models into the game!

Istallri's Building Tips

Istallri is a giant in our community, and has a wonderful set of videos going over various building tips.

Current Betas

There are no beta builds currently active.